Ministry Update :: August 5, 2011

I thought things were supposed to slow down in summer?

We continue to be quite busy both at home and at GoodSeed. Here are a few of the things happening:

The trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo was a success. After the team returned I started to go through their video and edited together a short report from their trip about some opportunities that GoodSeed has to minister in that country. You can see the video here or view it  and some of the report at

Naomi has been very busy helping organize our annual staff Bible Camp later this month, a time for our staff to travel from around the world for solid Bible teaching and fellowship. This year will have our largest attendance, so there are many more details to work out!

We are gearing up for a number of events this Fall.

  • Just after Bible camp our family will be traveling to New Brunswick for my sister’s wedding. While it is a short trip, we do hope to visit with supporters and friends.
  • I will then be flying to Ontario with a ton of video gear to shoot a new testimony video for some upcoming projects. This is a pretty big deal, so please pray for our team as we work on this that it will go smoothly and be used by the Lord.
  • Naomi and the kids will then join me in Ontario and we will visit our old stomping grounds at Word of Life as I help teach an evangelism seminar to the students and visit friends and supporters in the area.
  • A trip that we had planned to India for the Fall has now been pushed back to spring 2012, and will now include a number of Asian countries. Please pray for this trip as it comes together, and that GoodSeed would have the finances to make it happen.

Naomi and I are also discovering how much work it is to maintain a home.  There is, of course, a never ending list of jobs to do, especially on an older home. There is much to do, but we are also taking time to enjoy the yard with the kids and take in an Albertan summer.

We did manage to get away for a weekend camping trip to the Crowsnest Pass area with some family. It was really nice, even though we hardly slept. Something about a train being just across the river from our campsite… Anyway, good memories with the kids.
Scenes from Summer (so far):

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