Ministry Update :: Fall 2021

Fall 2021

We have been enjoying an unusually warm Fall here in Central Alberta, which was really helpful in doing yard work and cutting and splitting wood. Winter is coming, and they tell us it will be cold and snowy. Two of the kids have snow shoveling jobs, so they are hoping for snow!
Here are some highlights from the Fall:

Oct 19: We started an online weekly Bible study with two ladies through our church. We’re teaching them through No Ordinary Story. The material seems to be answering a lot of questions for both women and they are very appreciative.

Oct 29: Ethan turned 13! We’re so thankful for our growing young man (who has now surpassed in height all the females in the family).

These pictures are from the moment when we discovered he had grown taller than both his sisters in the previous month, and this was just a few days before his 13th birthday. Thrilled him to the core. The girls? Not so much.


Part of celebrating his birthday was going on an icy walk to the waterfalls in Johnson’s Canyon in Banff National Park, and Cows Ice cream in downtown Banff. A beautiful day in God’s creation!


Nov 2: New warehouse shelving arrived in our office, desperately needed to organize our very crowded warehouse. It has taken a great deal of heaving and hauling over many days to get cases of books lifted off the pallets on the floor and up onto the shelves, but our warehouse is becoming much more efficient and manageable as a result. With so many supply issues, and paper costs rising rapidly, we are thankful to have a full warehouse ready to ship evangelism resources.


Nov 11-14: “No Ordinary Weekend” retreat – We weren’t sure if we’d be able to have one in 2021, but thankfully 50 others joined in for this evangelistic weekend. The series No Ordinary Story was taught to the teens and adults, and The Lamb to the kids. Troy and Naomi assisted in the presentation to the adults and Ellie, Adelaine and Ethan helped with the childrens’ program. While it was a smaller group than previous years, it was clear that a number were coming to a clear understanding of the Gospel for the first time and we know there were those who “passed from death to life” over the weekend. And there is a lot of excitement and interest building for the one planned for February! Praise the Lord! Check it out at and talk to us if you want to know more.


Nov 15: Finally, after many delays, the Radio Theatre version of the No Ordinary Series arrived in our office. This dramatic/musical presentation presents a creation-to-cross message through the lives of 3 individuals. Their stories (based upon the true testimonies of 3 individuals) are blended with 17 songs to present the Gospel message. We look forward to sharing more about this new tool with you!


Thanks so much for your prayers and support for us. We are keenly aware that none of the great things the Lord is doing through the ministry of GoodSeed would be possible if it weren’t for people like you giving generously and praying faithfully for us and the ministry. We’re so grateful.

Troy & Naomi

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