Ministry Update :: February 2021

Naomi and I are spending lots of time in Zoom Bible studies these days. We currently lead two studies and are participants in another. All told, we are on Zoom for about 7 hours a week right now!

The most important study is the evangelism Bible study using the Creation to the Cross presentation in By This Name. We meet Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings with 3 ladies, one of whom is definitely not a believer. Her name is Sue. By going twice a week we are moving along quickly through the material. Yesterday (Feb 21st) we covered the Tabernacle and how it builds on previous teaching of the sacrificial system. Tonight we will begin to study the life of Jesus. Sue has had good questions and seems to appreciate being able to learn more about the Bible. We would appreciate your prayers for this study, especially for Sue’s salvation.

Tuesday nights we lead a small group at our church via Zoom, using The Captive and the King’s Will which follows the life and writings of Peter, the ministry of the Holy Spirit, and looks in greater detail at what it means to be a Christian.

There is an exciting work going on in Kenya. We have mentioned a few times about an evangelist who has been very effective at teaching a clear Gospel message using GoodSeed resources. In the past he only had a few books that were shipped to him now and then that he could pass out to pastors and other church leaders he had taught. Recently, we were able to facilitate raising funds to print 3,000 copies of The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus in Kenya for him to give away as part of his teaching. He continues to train pastors in this simple Gospel message of grace, and we trust that these books will have a real impact in the church in Kenya.
[Click here to follow Pastor George in Kenya]
We are currently in the process of also getting 3000 copies of The Captive and the King’s Will into his hands as well, as he feels that material on the area of walk with Christ is key for helping pastors and their congregations grow in their Christian walks.

“English speaking Bishops and Pastors who completed our Creation to Christ Seminar each received THE STRANGER ON THE ROAD TO EMMAUS; a book that explains the greatest of Bible themes clearly, logically, and chronologically rather than focusing on one part and missing the whole. We give these books absolutely FREE of charge. Thanks to the individuals who gave to GoodSeed for the specific purpose of printing this book in Kenya.”

Please pray with us as these Gospel tools go out to churches around the world.

This winter has been very busy with our Bible studies and church activities for the kids occupying 4 or 5 nights of the week. Please pray for us as we seek to strike a balance and disciple our children in a chaotic world.

A largely mild winter here in central Alberta, but we did have a couple cold snaps. Last week it was -26 C (-15 F) and I took the kids sledding. Cold enough for a frosty beard.

We have gotten out a few times to enjoy the Canadian winter, but with things so busy now we are staying close to home.


We did make a quick day trip into Banff National Park. It was cold, and options of what to do were pretty limited because of the pandemic, but it was nice to get out of town and enjoy the scenery.

Shivering on the lake!

Making a cake for their mom’s birthday.


Thank you for joining us on the journey!

Troy & Naomi


The Gospel Heading North

Books Heading North with Samaratian’s Purse

Our children love to participate in Samaritan Purse’s Operation Christmas Child’s shoebox program each year. They enjoy purchasing items and packing a few boxes for our family and church. For years they have wanted to travel to the large warehouse in Calgary to help repack and process the boxes, too, but have never had the opportunity.

That changed a bit this week.

Samaritan’s Purse contacted GoodSeed this week looking for a bit of help. They have some left-over shoebox¬†contributions they plan to ship to Canada’s far north for people in very remote communities. They were wondering if we could supply the gospel resources for 200 packets.

We agreed on a bundle of books including The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus with its accompanying DVD, a large print edition of The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus, a DVD version of our children’s book, The Lamb, and a shorter gospel presentation booklet called The Story that Matters. These bundles had to be assembled quickly so the packages could be on their way.

At supper last night we discussed how the kids have always wanted to help the shoebox program and how we could now have a role in seeing people in the far north equipped with a clear gospel message. They were excited to take part. After supper, we headed over to the office and spent a couple hours assembling the 200 sets. It was fun to see the kids’ excitement at being a part of this project.

Please pray with us as these gospel resources head into Canada’s far north later this week and bring light to the homes they are given to.

It is a joy for us to see these books go out, along with hundreds of other books each week, knowing each one may help bring someone to a saving knowledge of Christ.

Thank you for participating with us in getting the Good News out there!

Troy & Naomi

Ministry Update :: October 2020

Gospel Partners in Kenya

While heavily missionized, many churches in Africa have very little understanding of the gospel, with most believing in some form of works based salvation. Many pastors have little to no theological training, and in many areas Christian books, even Bibles are hard to come by.

On social media we follow George,  a pastor in Kenya that somehow stumbled onto GoodSeed resources. Since then he has been in regular contact with our staff, and we have been thrilled to send him books and teaching aids along with people who travel to visit him in Africa.

A few years ago he was teaching at a pastor’s workshop and he shared about the gospel of grace. A few of the Bishops stood up to oppose his teaching of salvation by faith. George had opportunity to talk with them more, and has, over time, they have come to accept this message. Recently George held a conference and posted this:

“I usually carry just one copy of The Stranger book to give out to the person I feel led to. For this conference of 72 Bishops and Pastors I carried 5 books so these Bishops received The Stranger books and one of them gets All That The Prophets Have Spoken. May the Lord bless the seeds sown. I am able to give these materials absolutely free of charge because that’s how I receive them. Some people who have understood the Gospel are giving to get the Gospel out. Thanks to Pastor John R. Cross and the GoodSeed ministry for believing in me enough to support with these precious tools.”

Understanding God’s Plan

A few months ago George shared this with his followers:
“One of the greatest things that can ever happen to anyone is to understand God’s plan for the ages. Who among you friends watch a series from season 3 episode 5 and jumps to season 5 episode 6 and hopes to get the flow and enjoy and understand the series? Or who among you readers reads a 400 pages novel by starting from pg 80 then jumps to pages 200-300 then back to pg 20 then pg 400 and expects to make head to tail of the story?

Yet that’s what people do when they the Bible. That’s why you hear words like “the Bible is so hard to understand… its difficult to comprehend… the Bible is boring.” The Bible has a major theme that you must not miss. It has a major story that develops all the way from Genesis to Revelation. Of cause there are other side stories and teachings along the way, but you must not miss this major theme.

Nothing will make a believer more stable in their relationship with God than seeing the Bible fit together in a clear logical manner. The best thing a Bible teacher can do to their students is to take them on a journey from Creation to Christ. I don’t know of a better tool in the whole world to help anyone with that journey better than a book titled “THE Stranger on the road to Emmaus” by John R. Cross.

God has given me the honor to be able to give this book freely to those that He impresses upon my heart. Thanks to GoodSeed Ministry. Here I gave a copy to Moris and his wife Joy after baptizing them in Lake Victoria. And I am happy to know how the Lord is using the book to establish them and prepare them to be clear message bearers.”

Ministry Update :: Sept 2020

Last week we were asked to create a short video update for a supporting church and thought we would pass it on to our other prayer partners. In it, we share about some of our summer activities, our kids’ schooling, and an update on some of the projects at GoodSeed.

Thanks for watching.